KINGSO Drip Irrigation Kit with Timer 82ft/25M Irrigation System with Timer and 20 Adjustable Dripper Automatic Plant Garden Hose Watering System for Garden Greenhouse, Flower Bed, Patio, Lawn

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Fit for 1/2‘’ and 3/4‘’ Garden Faucet


82ft Drip Irrigation System with timer build up your own watering system.

Choose us and farewell trouble.

1. Good-quality water pipes say goodbye to rupture.

2. With complete accessories, one set is a complete drip irrigation system.

3. Easy installation, Sufficient water pressure.

4. Automatic irrigation, automatic irrigation can be achieved when not at home.

5.Double head design, multiple water pipes to meet the diverse distribution of garden plants.

6. Independently adjustable dripper, you can control the amount of water by adjusting the dripper. Effectively improve plant survival rate.

7.3/4 “threaded faucet or 1/2″ threaded faucet can be installed,3/4″ threaded faucet(directly install),1/2″threaded faucet (1/2” to 3/4″). Some special faucets cannot be installed.

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The drip irrigation system pipe has a total length of 80ft / 25m. The newly upgraded material is softer, sun-proof and anti-freeze has high toughness.

Adjustable Dripper

The watering system dripper can be adjusted independently to meet the different water requirements of different plants and can save up to 70% of water. save money, save water, save time.

Upgraded dual head design

In order to meet the diversified courtyards, we adopt a double-headed design, which can realize the connection of 2 main water pipes, enhancing water pressure, ensuring that each drip head will produce water.


Waterproof Cover

Durable Nylon Joint

Metal Mesh

Accurate Time Display


1. It is best to use an alkaline battery 1.5v

(other batteries can also be used, but there will be no water in 3 days, not necessarily the battery is empty, it may be that the battery used cannot be better by the timer system Identification, so it is recommended to use 1.5v alkaline batteries)

2. There will be a self-test mode after the battery is installed,

the middle light will flash quickly, and then two clicks and the light will go out, indicating that the system self-test is completed (the first sound is louder, it is turned on by default after a click Da second sound is in normal working state, the second sound will be very quiet)

3. Turn on the water after installing the faucet, you can adjust it to the normal on or off state by on / off, and then start to set the working time

4. Each time the hand turns the turntable, the light will light up

5. When the battery power is sufficient, the light will not light up or blink. When the battery is low, the light will flash every 7-8 seconds.

6. When replacing the battery, remove the old battery and replace it with a new battery, then dial the dial arbitrarily to let the electricity in the capacitor discharge

7. Because it is a solenoid valve, it must work at a pressure of 1.5-5 Pa

8. The timer is normally turned off when no battery is installed. If the battery is used and the battery is dead, there will be 2 situations:

(1) When the timer is in the watering state, the timer is not powered: then the timer will not be turned off, and the watering will continue;

(2) If the set watering time has not yet reached and the timer has no power, the timer will not turn on watering even if the watering time is up.


Wide Range of Applications

Hurry up and build your own DIY drip irrigation system in your yard.







Number of dripper

30 adjustable Dripper

20 adjustable misting nozzles

20 adjustable Dripper

20 adjustable Dripper

Flow rate

6.7-7 L/Hour

6.7-7 L/Hour

6.7-7 L/Hour

6.7-7 L/Hour

Fit for

Garden,lawn,plant pots ,greenhouse,outdoor cooling

Garden,lawn,plant pots ,greenhouse,outdoor cooling

Garden,lawn,plant pots ,greenhouse,outdoor cooling

Garden,lawn,plant pots ,greenhouse,outdoor cooling

Seed nurture, flower cultivation, vegetable cultivation, garden, courtyard,patio

【 Automatic Irrigation】The drip irrigation kit system is equipped with an automatic timer (included) to control the irrigation kit. This automatic timer can realize automatic irrigation. You can set how often to irrigate, How long is one irrigation, and easily solve the trouble of unmanned watering. Even if you are on vacation or out for a period of time, you don’t need to worry.
【 Independent Adjustment】Each irrigation drippers of the irrigation system can be adjusted individually, The nozzle has two kinds of watering methods: drop and columnar.which can meet the water needs of different plants at one time. 0-70L / Hour (adjustable), maximum spray diameter: 0.3m.According to the needs of different plants or different places, the water output of the dripper can be adjusted to effectively improve the survival rate of the plant.
【 Save Water and Save time 】The irrigation watering system saves up to 70% of water than traditional drippers. Efficient and energy-saving can irrigate 20 plants at a time, The garden watering system is very suitable for agriculture, lawns, garden greenhouses, flower beds, patio drip irrigation. Get rid of traditional watering patterns. save water, save time.
【 Easy to Install 】Our irrigation kit can be connected directly to the soaker hose. You can cut the hose and take the appropriate installation as needed, and then fix the system. At the same time, the garden irrigation system kit has other accessories to achieve DIY installation to meet your needs.
【 Quality Goods and Services 】Drip irrigation pipes are made of UV-resistant material have higher quality, the interface is optimized to make the connection more stable. Don’t need to worry the interface will be disconnected or pop open. At the same time, Fully equipped with accessories, one set is a complete drip system.we also provide 100% money back guarantee and free replacement, risk-free purchase.

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